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Privacy Policy

St. Louis School (SLS) adheres to a code of ethics that applies to conversations / postings on SLS social media channels as well as comments on other accounts.

Code of Ethics

  • Postings and comments about or on any SLS social media channels shall be ethical, honest, accurate, and reflect the Catholic Identity and mission of the school.

  • Postings which contain mistakes will  be corrected promptly.

  • SLS will remove/delete spam and other inappropriate content. 

  • Authorized SLS personnel will reply to comments, messages, and any other postings on its sites when appropriate.

  • All SLS employees, both staff and faculty, must refrain from posting about SLS on their personal social media and are not to identify him or herself as an SLS employee. 

Comment Policy

Comments on SLS social media pages are welcome and encouraged, and we look forward to hearing from you. To promote respectful discussion, we request that you be courteous and productive, avoiding discussions that are offensive, inappropriate or inaccurate. 


For the privacy of users, please be advised that all postings to SLS social media channels are accessible to the public without protection. Please consider how much personal information you share about your child and/or their friends. No personal information about students is to be published by staff.

To protect the privacy and safety of our students, no names will be used on social media. Any exceptions will be determined by the Director of Marketing and approved by the Principal. 


We review all comments and have the right to remove them for any reason when they violate this policy. Due to the volume of posts or appropriateness, we may not respond to every comment. We may also ban future comments from those who violate this policy. In addition, we may amend this policy to address issues that arise and changes in our operations or the law.

Comments Criteria

  • Comments may not contain personal, threatening, harassing, illegal, obscene, slanderous or inaccurate information.

  • Comments may not infringe our rights or any individual or entity, including privacy, intellectual property or copyrighted information.

  • Comments that promote or advertise a commercial product or solicit business are not permitted.

Photos or Videos of Students on Social Media or Website

Families and volunteers may not take photos of students during school events, including gatherings, field trips, and clubs and activities, and post them publicly on social media. We ask the SLS community to honor other families’ request for privacy.  

Families may post pictures of their children.