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Notice for Claims Against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore

May 31, 2024, is the deadline for victims of sexual abuse and others with claims against the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Baltimore to file a claim.  If you fail to file a timely claim, you may lose the right to assert a claim at a later date.  

File a Claim

Publication Notice

First page of the PDF file: AOBChapter11Claims-2

Sexual Abuse Claims Deadline Notice

First page of the PDF file: AOBChapter11Claims-1
  • These notices are required by the courts to be sure the public is sufficiently notified that the Archdiocese has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization and that a date has been set by which people wishing to file a claim must do so.
  • The notice requirements set by the court specifically pertains to parishes and schools. 
  • Parishes and schools have not filed for Chapter 11 reorganization, only the Archdiocese has.
  • People wishing to file can find more information about doing so at
  • The Archdiocese opted to file for Chapter 11 reorganization so that it can both help compensate victim-survivors and continue the Church's ministries.
  • We join the Archdiocese in praying for those harmed by ministers of the Church and in maintaining the Church's commitment to preventing abuse and protecting children and other vulnerable individuals.