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Prayer and Retreat

Prayer and retreat help St. Louis students to know God better and remain close to him.  When our students pray, they are opening their minds and hearts to God, allowing him to work in and through them. Retreats provide dedicated time for both prayer and community were students build relationships with people who share their same beliefs and values. All of the school's worship and prayer are rooted in the traditions of the Catholic church.

  • Retreats for 5th – 8th grades, including multi-day outdoor retreat for 6th, 7th and 8th grades
  • Daily morning and afternoon prayer as a school community
  • Weekly Mass for school community
  • Weekly rotating confession, including adoration, the rosary, and Lectio Divina for 2nd- 8th
  • Altar service training for all 5th grade Catholic students, providing an up close and personal view of Mass
  • Faculty and Student ambassadors including monthly morning Mass attendance combined with small group sessions
  • Monthly formation retreats for school staff


Reverence at St. Louis School

two students kneel in front of altar

Two students pray during weekly confession.

teachers sit in chapel at St. Anthony's Shrine

Each year, faculty and staff go to St. Anthony's Shrine for a day of prayer.

Six teachers meet outside in a small group

Teachers meet in small groups to reflect during the annual faculty and staff retreat.

Three girls observe the statue of the Blessed Mother at St. Anthony's Shrine.

Eighth graders reflect during the annual 8th grade retreat at St. Anthony's Shrine.

Students walk in nature

Students walk and reflect during a class retreat

Seminarian stands in front of students giving a talk

Seminarian Tommy speaks to the 8th grade class during the annual 8th grade retreat