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For St. Louis School and the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the safety of the children is paramount. 

ALICE Training and Stop the BleedAll school and parish staff are ALICE trained in active shooter response so that in an emergency situation, staff can respond with confidence to increase survivability.

More than 50 parish and school staff completed the Stop the Bleed training through the Howard County Fire Department. This training provides the tools, methods, and knowledge needed to stop bleeding in a severely injured person.


Virtus Certification

Administration, teachers, instructional assistants, and all parent volunteers are Virtus-certified. This program assists the Catholic church in ensuring a safe environment for children.

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Emergency PlanSt. Louis administration maintains a comprehensive emergency plan providing for more than 26 critical situations.  This plan is submitted to the Archdiocese, Howard County Police, and the Fire Department.  Teachers and students are trained and drilled in the emergency procedures.


Raptor Verification

Raptor is our visitor and volunteer management system. Every adult on campus must check in at the front desk and present a driver’s license or other government-issued ID. We run that identification through Raptor, a sex offender database. It immediately notifies school administration if someone is identified as a risk.