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The St. Louis School prekindergarten program provides a nurturing, engaging, and joyfully Catholic environment for young learners. Students grow and learn through hands-on-play and engaging, developmentally appropriate classroom lessons and activities. 

Certified faculty, assisted by a dedicated instructional assistant, use theme and play-based programs to promote development of social/emotional, language, physical, cognitive, and self-help skills, as well as an understanding of God and our faith.  Meaningful opportunities encourage young learners in observation, questioning, listening, and praising God. Each child is valued as an individual and guided to graduate from the program kindergarten ready.

In the Classroom

A prekindergarten student sits in the voting booth while participating in a lesson on elections. She is choosing one of the letter "S" characters to represent the class that week.

A prekindergarten student displays her artwork after learning about the artist Monet in the classroom.

Prekindergarten students learn many fundamentals of reading in order to be kindergarten ready.

Prekindergarten students utilize many different classroom projects in order to grow and master in both fine and gross motor skills, as well as math and science concepts like measuring.

Prekindergarten students enjoy lasting friendships throughout their years at St. Louis School.

A prekindergarten class on the first day of school getting to know their teacher and new classmates. 

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