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Middle School, Grades 6 through 8

In middle school, the students are responsible for becoming independent learners as they experience multiple teachers and travel to different classrooms.  Faculty are mindful of the tremendous intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth the students are experiencing and plan instruction and behavior management accordingly.  Students are exploring their own interests and recognizing their gifts and abilities through clubs and leadership opportunities.  The skilled faculty deliver a rigorous curriculum that fully prepares St. Louis graduates for a successful high school experience.  Most importantly, the students delve deeply into the Gospels through middle school and leave St. Louis with a solid understanding of Jesus, his teachings, and how those teachings apply to daily life.


In the Classroom

Middle school students are exposed to advanced STEM concepts in the classroom, which encourages them to engage in inquiry, logical reasoning, collaboration, and investigation.

Every classroom is equipped with Epson Brightlink 1485 Fi projectors, which provide students an engaging and interactive learning experience. Here, Mrs. Spera uses the projector during an 8th grade geometry math lesson.

St. Louis School has a 1:1 technology program, where students gain exposure to technology in all subjects, including special classes such as art and Spanish. 

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