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Grades 3 through 5

The intermediate grades are an exciting time for students as their learning expands to include critical thinking skills, real-world relationships to content, and encouragement to ask questions to understand the why and how of content.

Teachers incorporate small groups to promote the essential life skills of communication and collaboration. Students delve into cursive writing, grammar, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals, and reading comprehension skills by exploring novels.  Throughout these years, they continue building a personal relationship with Jesus through study, service, and worship.


In the Classroom

Students learn about collaborative web environments and implement problem solutions through SLS's comprehensive computer program.

In grades 3 - 5, students write opinion pieces and learn to support a point of view through reasoning and information. Here, a third grade student shows the book that she wrote and illustrated. 

Students are introduced to robotics, coding, and more STEM concepts in order to prepare them for 21st century careers. 

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