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Letter from School Leadership


Welcome to St. Louis Catholic School! For 100 years, we have been living a thriving mission of excellence in Catholic education in Howard County, MD. 

Joyfully Catholic

As you enter our school, you are greeted by the following quote:  "Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes, the model for its faculty and the inspiration for its students.” 

Christ is present is all that we do for your children.  Our faith life, celebrated through weekly Mass, confession, prayer, religion class, retreats, and service to those in need both at St. Louis and in the community, is the foundation of school.  Our devotion to Christ guides every aspect of our educational program, the many wonderful extension programs provided for the children, and our relationships with our families.  We are truly blessed at St. Louis.

Educating the Whole Child

Our faculty nurtures and leads each student to achieve his or her greatest personal potential mind, body, and spirit. To that end, teachers routinely participate in ongoing professional development on all aspects of faith formation, child development, 21st century best teaching practices, and social and emotional well-being. 

The St. Louis professional staff also includes registered nurses, counselors, special educators, mentors, spiritual leaders from the parish, and administrative support. The impact of this comprehensive support framework is evident in the joyful spirit and high achievement of St. Louis students both in and outside of the classroom. 

Blue Ribbon Academics

St. Louis students complete a rigorous high school preparatory program that fully prepares them to continue their educational journey; equally important, the program builds a solid foundation for their success in the 21st century world. The engaging instruction, which spirals and expands from the preschool years through early adolescence,  is developed and delivered by caring, skilled professionals.   Last year, our 8th grade graduating class earned more $600,000 in high school scholarships.  We celebrate and congratulate our students, families, and teachers on this tremendous accomplishment.

Devoted Community

St. Louis values and supports parents as essential partners in the development and advancement of their children.   Our collaboration helps children learn at home,  creates a healthy home environment that promotes faith and learning, provides volunteers for the community, and presents a parental voice on advisory committees.

We invite you to come experience our community where spirit and mind rejoice!

In Christ Always,
Mrs. Deborah Thomas

Mrs. Deborah Thomas

St. Louis School principal, Mrs. Debbie Thomas